Not sure what the best schedule is for your lawn? Follow these steps to plan your watering schedule for homes in the Austin metro area and greater Texas Hill Country.

#1 Choose Your Sprinkler Type

Rotors – 45 minutes per cycle

Turf Sprays – 25 minutes per cycle

Bed Sprays – 15 minutes per cycle

Drip – 45 minutes per cycle

#2 Set Your Temperature

Average High temperature below 70 degrees – system can remain off

Average High temperature 70 to 85 degrees – run system once per week

Average high temp 85 to 95 degrees – run system twice per week

Average high temp above 100 – run system at least twice per week but 3 times would be best if the water district allows.

#3 Adjust Frequency

Adjust the above run times and frequency as needed for rain fall, shade/full sun, slopes and soil type.

Adjust Your Sprinklers