Save Water with New Sprinkler Heads

Most new sprinkler heads are built to conserve water. Most of them do so by utilizing a check valve. You’re probably saying to yourself, “What in the world is a check valve??”

A check valve is a small device that helps prevent your sprinkler heads from leaking when there is a slope in your yard. Here is some great text from RainBird

“When used properly, a check valve will contain the unpressurized water in the lateral lines after the zone valve has completed its watering cycle (if the valve is located at a higher elevation). Without a check valve, the elevation difference from a valve above to the sprinklers below could generate enough internal pressure to force water out of the sprinkler. A check valve will prevent the water that remains in the pipe from draining out of the sprinklers after the valve has shut off—thus reducing the chance of erosion of the landscape areas around or on the slope. Look for sprinklers that have built-in check valves. This eliminates the need for a separately installed check valve under each sprinkler.”

Sprinkler Head with Check Valve

Rainbird makes some great sprinkler heads with built in check valves. Having us swap those out for you will help to ensure that you aren’t wasting water. Make sure the water ends up on your lawn or plants instead of your driveway or sidewalk!