Round Rock Water Restrictions

Current Round Rock Water Restrictions: None

Current News:

  • Water Block Rates or tiered rates are in effect May through October. Although the City is not currently under water restrictions, any usage over 18,000 gallons a month is charged at a higher rate. Use our rate calculator to determine your monthly bill.
  • Help keep your utility bill to a minimum
    • Follow the watering schedule outlined below; or water only when needed.
    • Do not water during the heat of the day (10am – 7pm)
    • During cooler temperatures and after rain events, turn the irrigation system off and run it manually when needed.
    • Visit Water Conservation and read the Water Spot blog for irrigation how-to videos, conservation rebate programs, and more!
Outdoor Watering Schedule
Property Type Watering Days
Residential Odd-Numbered Address Wednesday and/or Saturday
Residential Even-Numbered Address Thursday and/or Sunday
Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily, Institutional, Government Tuesday and/or Friday