Rain Sensor: What It Is and Why You Need One

You don’t want to be THAT neighbor do you? You know, the one who is watering their lawn while its raining? It can happen to the best of us, but in order to save water and your neighborhood reputation all you need is a really simple device…a rain sensor.

A rain sensor is a small device you connect to your sprinkler system controller that automatically shuts off your sprinkler system when it rains, so you don’t need to worry whether you’re home or away. Your sprinkler system is a pretty basic system and will only do what you program it to do. You could run outside every time it starts to rain and turn off your sprinklers but that’s just not logical. Having a rain sensor connected to your controller can take the guess work out of it for you.

How does a rain sensor work?

A rain sensor is attached to a fence near your lawn or garden and then connected to your sprinkler system controller. Small disks inside the sensor absorb water and begin to expand as rain continues to fall. These disks then send a message to the sprinkler system controller, interrupting the electronic signal that turns on the sprinklers. Once the disks dry out and shrink down to their original size, the rain sensor sends a signal to your sprinkler controller, letting it know that it is safe to resume its spraying schedule.

A rain sensor can help you play a part in water conservation and also help save you money on your water bills! Call us today at (512) 710-6080 to start saving!